What do I wear?

I’ve got you covered! All of my clients receive a style guide prior to their session with some helpful tips for selecting outfits. Generally, I advise clients to stay away from fluorescent, super bright colors and graphics (they tend to date the picture).  I'd also avoid really tiny patterns or prints as those can cause what's called "moire" in post processing.  Sometimes it’s easiest to pick an outfit for one family member and then build around that.  You can always send me a text message or email with pictures of what you are thinking, and we can work from there to refine your clothing selections.  I can also send you recommendations and options at local stores if needed.  For outdoor photos in the colder months,  don't hesitate to wear cute coats, hats, scarves, etc. Most importantly, pick something that makes YOU feel GREAT!

What time of the day will we shoot?

If we are shooting outside, I like to shoot around sunrise or sunset.  I check the exact time of sunrise and sunset on my phone like a crazy person, so depending on when you book, I can tell you exactly what time to meet.  Generally, this is within an hour or so of sunset, or an hour or so after sunrise.  
If the weather doesn’t cooperate and we need to move indoors, I can shoot in the comfort of your own home as a back up.  These are usually best done around mid-day.

Where will our session be?

You can often find me driving around Omaha after I’ve dropped my son off at preschool, looking for the perfect spot for my clients. I will take into account where you’ll be driving from, what kind of look you are going for, and where the sun will be for all of my locations.  Want a shot in nature? I have some great spots!  Want some awesome fall color?  You’ll find me scouring the area looking for the perfect, yellow or red leaves.  Want a more urban location?  We can do that, too!

Do you do newborns?

I do lifestyle newborn sessions only - this means I don’t do formal, posed newborn sessions.  If you are looking for a more formal portrait session for your newborn, I can give you some recommendations.  Please make sure that you hire a photographer that has been trained in doing these poses!!  Some newborn poses can be very dangerous if not done properly.

Do you do weddings?

No, but I am happy to refer you to someone else!

What if it rains or snows?

I will leave it up to you what you are comfortable with.  I will not shoot in thunderstorms or downpours and generally like the temperature to be at least 30 degrees.  Please keep in mind how your family members do in inclement weather.  Everyone is different and if they’ll be miserable in the cold, best to schedule for a warmer season.

When can I expect my photos?

Proofing galleries are provided in 1-2 weeks. In the fall, it may take a little longer - 2-3 weeks.  After you’ve chosen your final images, I hand edit each image to give them  a final “polish.” Final images are delivered within another 1-2 weeks.  Print products are hand delivered to you (within a 40 mile radius) and are generally ready within 2-3 weeks from the time of ordering, but please allow extra time for orders involving custom designs.