Jill Carson photographer with daughter

Hi there! I'm, Jill, a small town girl at heart with deep Nebraska roots. Those roots mean I’m a hard worker, I’m honest and my integrity is one of the traits I value most about myself.

I’m a wife and mother to three littles ones. It can get busy and messy and exhausting, but parenthood is absolutely beautiful and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  My passion for family photography started with my own family: documenting their unique personalities, the special family moments, as well as those small, in between moments that can often mean the most.

This all translates to my passion for capturing real, heartfelt moments for my clients through a unique and creative point of view.   I love catching that little squeeze a mother gives her son, that glance that a husband gives his wife that says, you're incredible or that laugh-out-loud-moment that shows the joy bubbling up inside of someone. It’s so much more than just snapping a picture. It’s capturing a feeling, an emotion, in harmony with light, environment and mood to freeze a moment in time to create precious, valuable artwork for you that you will treasure for years to come.  

I can’t wait to work with you to capture the beautiful, true essence of you! 


5 more random facts about me:

  1. I’m an indoorsy kind of gal.  Which is ironic considering I prefer to do all of my photoshoots outside, and my very first job was working 8+ hours a day in cornfield with all sorts of bugs, pollen and who knows what else.  I have an odd aversion to birds and butterflies.  Seriously, I won’t take my kids in the butterfly exhibit at the zoo.  Flying mammals freak me out.  And yet, I’ve found I’m willing to do anything to “get the shot.” 

  2. I’m a terrible swimmer.  (possibly related to #1).  I actually cheated on my last swimming test as a child so that I wouldn’t have to go to lessons anymore.  Ask my husband some time about when I tried going snorkeling in Mexico with him. Spoiler alert: I ended up back on the boat while he stayed in the ocean.

  3. I’m a creative through and through: I love to sew and craft.  I have two sewing machines, a serger and a cricut machine. I was a dancer growing up and on my college dance team. As a young girl I said I wanted to be a Hanes Sister when I grew up.  (Name that movie)

  4. I love chai tea but since having kids, I equally love coffee.

  5. I’m thorough.  Need to buy a vacuum? I’ll research every kind there is and create an excel sheet listing the features and differences between each one.  Sometimes this leads me to decision paralysis in which case I turn everything over to my husband and tell him to just pick one.